Je suis revenu de mes vacances

I hope to resume blogging shortly once I have recovered from my 2 + weeks in the Perigord Noire region of France.   I must admit that the luxury of “cheap” quality cheese and wine and the morning croissants by the lavender abuzz with bees, humming birds and butterflies will be hard to forget. 

Yes, some of the more expensive blue cheeses that you normally pay $42 dollars a kilo here (Canada) are no more than 8/9 Euros a kilo in France, or less than the cost of your benchmark basic cheddar and mozzarella. 

Wine also is much much cheaper: what you would pay for your entry level French wine here you can use towards some of the much better growths, vineyards, and years in France.  Entry level wine in France is a small change transaction (you can buy table wine wine at your local vineyard for around 2 to 3 Euros a liter).   And of course, you can also more easily reach for the sky!  

Being able to enjoy a glass of red wine with your picnic in places like the gardens of Marqueyssac with its magnificent views of the Dordogne and its medieval castles and towns nestled into the rock faces, is a freedom and an experience that is impossible in Canada.   

France is different and while its differences are not always on the positive side, there is much to appreciate from its simple charms and relaxed attitude towards life in general.   Until next year!      

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