This website has been archived and will no longer be supported.…WHAT?!!!

“Any information provided is for historical purposes only…what?!!!”

What has happened to the Task Force For Financial Literacy in Canada…?   I note that the website has now been archived and will not be updated.  Surely, this should be an ongoing project assessing the state of financial services education and its delivery in Canada!   Why is it being put in the broom closet?

One thought on “This website has been archived and will no longer be supported.…WHAT?!!!

  1. Where is the Czar and where is the money?

    How do we as citizens make sure that the government is following up on commitments they have made in the past? Where is the independent non industry/regulator oversight?

    What was the point of spending all that time and money for a throwaway?–task-force-aims-to-turn-page-on-financial-illiteracy

    According to this article the cost of the exercise was some $5m.

    Tom Hamza at the OSC’s Investor Education fund also seems to be in the dark, which given its regulatory connections, is worrying: he has been expecting, forlornly, the appointment of Financial Literacy Czar:

    Recent regulatory developments are very weak and educational initiatives that exist are so watered down and pro current industry product distribution methods that consumers remain heavily exposed to the risks of the predatory product distribution model.


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