Strange but true…Advocis in the battle against commissions banning…

An e-mail appears to be doing the rounds from Advocis HQ about the evils of banning commissions.  Normally I would not comment publicly on e mails, but this is an issue that is currently in the public domain and arguments that are being used to further the defense of the commission culture are part of that domain and need to be rebutted.

There are two excerpts from that communication that I would briefly like to comment on:

“How would you survive if there were no commissions?”….

“The way we do business is under unprecedented threat”

Would you like to admit, that as a supposedly professional organisation, that you do not have a clue how to survive without commissions?  

The business of a professional is the provision of advice is it not?  This is not under threat.  In fact the business of advice will be promoted above the business of transacting if this goes through.  

Strange, but true!

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