Finally, Murray has won the one tournament that mattered, and he did so in style:  the difference between this and every other year, including his win in the US Open, was his ability to dig himself out of a set he was well on the way to losing.   In both the 2nd and 3rd sets, Murray was behind, and in any other year, he would been unable to get himself back into these two hot gruelling sets. 

Watching the guy play at his best, you always thought he had it in him to come from behind.  His semi final victory two days before, when he won 5 straight games in a row to win the 3rd set, provided a glimmer of what was to come on Centre Court today.    

I do believe that the last game was probably one of the best I have ever seen, full of aggressive courageous stroke play that should put fear into the hearts of his opponents.  While, on this performance, doubt may be settling into the minds’ of Nadal, Djokovicz and Federer, Murray may well have the physical and mental momentum to take him to the US Open and Australian titles.  Only clay stands between him and total domination.

This victory will I believe elevate his play still further, and he may well have, at least, a year or two in which he can dominate men’s tennis.   As the match commentator at last night’s Canadian Wolverine’s game against the US might have said, Tennis is a momentum game!

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