Death of an intern and the cult of financial services….

I was just thinking about the death of an intern working for Merrill Lynch and the fairly significant problems we have experienced in the financial services industry.  

“Right thinking people” would not commit many of the frauds and abuses we have seen in the recent past.  But, if you were brain washed, you would not be a “right thinking person”.   I presume the induction process is pretty similar to that of a cult, where they grind down the human side and desensitise you to experiences that would usually stop you in your tracks. 

I can certainly see no “cerebral” benefit of working all night over successive nights, but it may well be the right stuff in terms of inculcation to a life that requires a fair degree of exploitative ability.   The point being that independent thought that might conflict with the operational “bible” of the organisation needs to be eliminated from the being.   Keep the processing ability, get rid of independent thought and obliterate sensitivity to issues of a moral nature.

In other words, these are soldiers being bred for a particular battle field! 

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