Qatar and the World Cup

Why on earth did FIFA agree to have the world cup in Qatar?   There were already rumblings about the summer heat, but now we have a much more important issue, that of human rights abuses and global complicity in them.  

Sporting events should be for the entire world and should set an example about our attitudes towards each and everyone of us on this planet.  What does the World Cup decision mean at the moment?  That money rules, that the sport and the human being have no value, and that abuse is OK.  This goes to the bedrock of our world.   I am sure that many knew about all this but ignored it.

On the current state of affairs I have decided not to watch the world cup and may also consider avoiding buying any brand that advertises in this event, in the event that nothing of substance and meaning is done as quickly as possible.   I too would like to hear concern and action from the global brands…..  While the world may not be perfect, this is frankly too much to stomach.

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