Worst Mutual Fund Ad of the Year? (Canadian Couch Potato)

You have to ask yourself do you not, how come they (Canadian mutual fund companies) do not rail against the use of inappropriate benchmarks to tell a better story yet run the ramparts when attempts are made to introduce appropriate benchmarks at the point of sale.  How come they can pick and choose and where again are our regulators?  Looking the other way and well paid for their glance.  Is this unethical!  Yes, on both accounts.

A Textbook Pre-Crash Bubble (Hussman Weekly Commentary)

An interesting chart at the end and discussion of the dynamics of bubbles (Sornette).  There has been an increasingly large amount of bubble talk recently and I do find it disconcerting to see the palpable disconnect between slow economic growth dynamics on the one hand and the rise of the market on the other.

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