The ice is melting….and sun is not yet full out!

As Ken Kivenko pointed out to me, Invesco, Blackrock and Mackenzie and have managed to get agreement to push through lower cost DIY funds.  I think this is some achievement and credit should go to the OSC, Invesco (who have led the charge on this particular item) Blackrock and Mackenzie, and of course everyone else who has been putting pressure on the regulators and the industry to change to more accountable and responsible and professional advice based business practises.

But instead of stopping here, the message is clear, the industry can change and change with an alacrity that puts the post FDM process to shame.   Regulators should take note, if the mere threat of best interests can create what is in truth a vast sea change in fund distribution, just think what the planned implementation of Best Interest standards could be capable of doing!

We now know the industry can turn on a dime and while a move towards best interests will by no means be as easy, for a race that has built the pyramids eons ago, that which is intrinsically at the forefront of any renaissance, a simple change in attitude should be a breeze. 

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