Mandela is dead…long live the struggle!

Like many before him, and like many to come, where mankind once failed, Mandela once stood in its way.

The fight for human rights has had some stellar victories and many a charismatic leader, take Nelson Mandela for instance.  But the fight for human rights continues on each and every day. 

Far too many of us, it would appear, cannot ignore the opportunity to take advantage of, or to abuse the rights of, our fellow men, women and children.  Most sit back and ignore, perhaps not even noticing,  the deluge of violations, from the barely perceptible to the significant, that daily build into our national consciousness.  

If Mandela stood for anything, he stood for the individual courage that we must all show each and every day of our lives and the reality that standing up, while it may not necessarily always pay, is far cheaper in the end than the costs and consequences of failing to do so.  

This is a never ending struggle, unfortunately!    In a sense Mandela represented the sacrifice that the few end up having to make for the omissions of the many: where mankind once failed, Mandela once stood in its way. 

His death should cause introspection, a fresh breathe and a willing assumption of the mantle that he once bore by the many instead of the few.

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