Why Giggs and Co should be given a go…

I do not usually write about sport on my blog, but I cannot stop myself from being drawn into the MU management succession discussion.

Ferguson did not just manage a team for 26 years, he built a dynasty and I still believe that this dynasty pervades the club.  Any new manager that comes in is going to have to compete with this, which means either totally eradicate it or assimilate oneself into it.  An experienced manager is not going to opt for assimilation.

Manchester United was not a failed club when Moyes took over, so there is no rationale for eradicating what has been a very successful culture.   To do so would risk a long road to not only rebuilding a team but reversing the direction of the last 26 years.

I think, irrespective of Giggs’ lack of management experience, that the machine should be given a chance to prove itself.    It is the dynamics of the dynasty that argue for Giggs and co to be retained at the helm.   This is where Moyes failed: he failed because he could not impose himself on the legacy and the institution.

To take on an experienced and proven manager would mean that MU would become forced to compete with the likes of Man City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the many other big spending clubs, on money alone.  This is not what Manchester United stands for.

Giggs and co need to be given a chance to prove the machine!

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