Canadian Investor Advocacy gets a shot in the arm and more than a toehold in the future…

The status quo should take note of the recent $2m contribution to FAIR Canada’s war chest.

“Buoyed by a generous $2 million donation from the Jarislowsky Foundation, founded by Stephen Jarislowsky, a long-standing director, the organization plans to raise capital to be contributed to an endowment fund to provide funding for the organization on an ongoing basis in addition to raising ongoing operational funding.”

This looks to me more than just a one time shot in the arm.  The donation comes from what I would term a fiduciary capitalist (a la John Rogers, CFA) and I would expect more to come from like minded sources.

While some industry commentators have in the past criticised FAIR as being a funded lackey of the regulators this large injection looks likely to create a different animal.   As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

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