IMF Warns Debt Risk Growing From Big Firms in China, Other Emerging Markets, April, WSJ

In China, fully $1.3 trillion of corporate loans, or one-seventh of the total, are owed by companies whose profits don’t cover their interest payments, a problem that could trigger bank losses equal to 7% of gross domestic product if the issue isn’t addressed, the IMF said in a report on global financial stability.

Chinese Buyers Hungry for Canadian Homes With Inquiries Up 134%, April Bloomberg

China and India Have Different Answers for Their Debt Messes, April Bloomberg

Mounting debts could derail China plans to cut steel, coal glut, March, Reuters

China’s debt bubble threatens global economy March, Nikkei Asian Review

China’s debt explosion threatens financial stability Fitch warns, April, Telegraph

“Living standards fell in 2015, ONS figures show”, April, Guardian

National Accounts articles: Alternative measures of real households disposable Income and the saving ratio: March 2016

Shows a decline in household disposable income if we remove imputed rents, pension entitlement adjustments and other non cash adjustments used to define PDI and savings rates.   With respect to savings rates we see a different picture too:


The U.S. Housing Affordability Crisis: How a Rent and Low-Income Problem is Becoming Everyone’s Problem, April, Zillow

Active Share: Key Insight or Flawed Measure? February, CFA Institute

Night Fasting: Not Eating For 13 Hours Or More Every Night May Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer Recurrence, March, Medical Daily

Intermittent Fasting, March, Australian Spinal Research Foundation

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