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December 2010

Capitalism In Crisis 4: Depth Dynamics of debt, GDP, world trade and quantitative easing.

September 2010

Point of Sale Disclosure and Regulatory Failure in Canada

April 2010

Submission to Task Force on Financial Literacy

September 2009

Comments on IIROC CRM Proposals

May 2009

Theatre of The Absurd/A Retail Financial “Ground Hog Day”

April 2009

Should you really be rebalancing? A basic return model for the current environment

April 2009

Shorts – April

March 2009

After The Descent, Products and Product Fads

February 2009

After The Descent, Roles of Advisors

Market Timing/Buy and Hold

Investment Planning Issues

Costs and Other Issues

Financial Economic Crisis Issues

January 2009

After the Descent, Intro

October 2008


GMWB Risk Modelling & Sequence of Returns Sun Life Data


September 2008

GMWB Sequence of Returns Manulife Data

July 2008

Submission to Expert Panel on Securities Regulation based on presentation to Expert Panel 18 June 2008

June 2008

Perspectives on Capitalism in Crisis 3 – Market timing, Money Supply and Economic imperatives

May 2008

Price Earnings Multiples, Inflation and Valuations

February 2008

Buffet Bullish on US Economy- A TAMRIS Perspective

January 2008

IDA Complaints Process, OBSI Terms of Reference & Suitability

December 2007

A High Wire Act – Leverage & The GMWB

November 2007

Perspectives on Capitalism In Crisis – Consumer Debt & Related Issues

October 2007

Perspectives on Capitalism In Crisis – Money Supply, Interest Rates & Inflation

July 2007

Commentary : Joint Forum of Regulators, Point of Sale Documentation

July 2007

Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit Plans Report Compendium;

April 2007

The Insanity of Income Trusts Part 1 Taxation and the Valuation Premium

January 2007

House of Commons Finance Committee: Presentation on Income Trusts

October 2006

The Malign March of the Product: A Warning

September 2006

The Fundamentals of Asset Allocation, Weaknesses of M.P.T. & A Fundamental Framework for the Management of Assets and Liabilities

July 2006

Hedge Funds & Their Place in the Private Client Portfolio

June 2006

Another side of diversification, correlation and volatility

June 2006

Derivatives, The Risks They Pose & Consumer Fundamentals


June 2006

Income and the “New Realities of retirement(?)”

May 2006

The US Consumer

“US credit growth and the ability to service credit and debt look as if they have peaked and with a declining housing market, however mild, the ability to both spend and service debt could be significantly impaired. In this context we cannot underestimate the importance of the consumer to economic growth, especially in the US where consumer demand accounts for 70% of GDP growth.

May 2006

Diversification is risk ; Warren Buffett & The Paradox of Diversification

May 2006

Beating the drum regarding Monte Carlo – Mail to E Roseman Toronto Star

March 2006

In Search of the Truth: Magic Numbers & Safe Withdrawal rates

January 2006

The Global Bubble Economy; A Canadian Portfolio Perspective

January 2006

Suitability, Minimum Standards & Fiduciary Duty In the Canadian Financial Services Industry

October 2005

Income Trusts: are they really “the only game in town.”?

September 2005

Products & Related Issues, A Critical Look

June 2005



Registration Reform Project Working Committee paper comments



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